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How To Mine Money From Your List ,Or Others (Session 4/6)

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Rich Message, Poor Message (Session 3/6)

How To Mine Money From Your List ,Or Others (Session 4/6)

Any of This Sound Familiar?
Tired of building new funnels that nobody ever sees...

Let alone buys from?

If you're an offer owner that's looking to bring in floods of qualified traffic, then join me and watch behind the scenes as I teach my new program:

Make Launches Great Again! 

During this 3-day live event, I'll be showing you the launch strategies I use to get thousands of red-hot traffic to my funnels. I'll be doing a live Q&A randomly during each session, so post any questions you have below.

There Will Be No Replay – so attend LIVE! Why no replay? This LIVE broadcast will later be sold as a new online course for hundreds of dollars. You may attend free, one-time only, while we’re live. So download the agenda and watch free!
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Aug 11
"Tried-and-true launch campaigns that I model after old-school marketers who were able to attract masses of “free traffic”
10am MST
"Cash Campaigns 101"
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2pm MST
"What You Need Before You Can Plan Any Successful Launch"
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Aug 12
"How to take your first (or next) offer on a global “internet tour” that people can’t ignore... even if you feel like a “little fish” in a BIG pond”
10am MST
"Rich Message, Poor Message"
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2pm MST
"How To Mine Money From Your List (Or Others)"
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Aug 13
"What to do after you launch an offer to “nail and scale” a funnel (my exact launch system I've used to have 6 figure launch-days)”
10am MST
"How To Make Them Treat Your Launch Like A Holiday Morning"
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2pm MST
"Making Your Campaign Evergreen"
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"Steve, Why Is This 
"What's the catch, Steve?"

Great question, and I'll tell you...

There's no catch except that this is practice for ME! haha I know... I'm recording a new course and during these 3 days I'll be doing parts of it FREE and LIVE with you.

The only 'catch' is that you have to be there LIVE, so we can engage and connect with each others! 

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